Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of services offered by is Asia’s fastest growing online marketplace for entrepreneurs, investors, franchisors, and advisors. We offer ad posting services for the sale of business and assets as well as franchise and investment opportunities. We also offer business services for SMEs such as the Pitchbook generator to help entrepreneurs make easier and faster bank loan applications. We also offer financial advisory services are also available to our clients, covering important business activities such as fundraising, investor sourcing, due diligence, business valuation, and accounting services.

Do I need to register before I can view the ads?

There is no need to register to view our ads, but users will need to register if they want to post ads on the website. Registration is free.

Do I need to register before I post an ad?

Yes. Registration is free and simple.

Is there any assurance of that my personal information will be kept confidential? has defined a detailed Privacy Policy that assures users that their personal information will never be shared with nor sold to third- parties.

How do I pay for ad posting services?

Payment methods include:
- Paypal
- Visa and Mastercard
- Bancnet

If I take down my ad prior to expiration, will I still be charged for the unexpired period?

Yes. In the case of Premium and Broker / Advisor ad plans, subsequent charges will continue to be charged against the user even if the ad has already been removed. Ads are third- parties.

How do I renew my ad?

Your ad is valid for 3 months or 6 months depending on the plan you choose (all ads posted during the Promo Period are automatically valid for a maximum of 6 months). Simply visit your profile page and click on Renew Subscription. You will then be prompted to select a subscription plan and a payment method. For ads posted during the promo period, renewal of the ad will be subject to applicable rates.

Your Team will also send you an email notifications prior to expiration of your ad.

How do I remove my ad?

You can remove your ad anytime by accessing your profile and choosing to remove ad from the options available.

After submission, can I still edit my ad?

Once submitted, ads can no longer be edited. Users can, however, choose to submit a revision of the summary description, but all the other sections shall be maintained. This is our control measure so that each ad is unique and will not be subsequently used to advertise a different company / asset.

Does validate ad postings?

We only facilitate ad postings. We have no control over the integrity of information contained in ad. posts. All ads posted on are covered by the site’s Terms and Conditions, which gives ad owners the primary responsibility of ensuring the truthfulness of their ad postings.

How much does charge for advisory services?

Professional fees for advisory services will depend on your requirements and the complexity of the work, subject to discussion with our team of advisors. Learn more about our advisory service offerings by writing us an email at

Does offer mediation services in cases of potential fraud or unsuccessful business deals?

No. does not offer mediation services to either buying or selling parties.

How can I avail of’s advisory services?

You may reach’s advisors and learn more about our advisory service offerings by writing us an email at

Is a registered entity? is a corporation registered in the Philippines with legal name EntrepZone International, Inc.