General Information

Business Type:Corporation

Category:Food and Beverage

Date Established:2014

Listing Type:Business for Sale

Business Size:Small (Company has 10-99 employees)


Dish Market 2 World Square, McKinley Hill,, Taguig, Philippines Posted by: EntrepZone Official ID No. 24
PHP 2.59 M Revenue
PHP N/A Cash Flow
PHP 494 K Net Income
PHP 1.5 M Asking Price
Summary Description:

Dish Market a Philippine-based casual food hall that offers the basic flavors of Filipino street food in a hip and rustic dining experience. Located in McKinley Hill, Taguig, Dish Market benefits from its close proximity to plenty of offices (BPO, tech companies, etc.), providing a steady stream of customers. Business is scalable - can be rolled out in other locations close to BPOs which is its target market. Menu items include: lechon with basil sauce (with or w/o rice), lechon wrap with basil sauce, lechon paksiw with rice, Dish Market Ice cream, Chinese lumpia, street foods (banana-cue, turon, fish balls, squid balls), halo-halo, etc. Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm Ave check per person: PHP 50.00

Transaction Details

Reason for Selling:Owner to focus on a different business

Key Financials (Latest Full Year)

Income Statement Items

Gross Profit:1.6 M


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Accounts Receivable:N/A


Total Assets: N/A

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Total Liabilities:N/A